Restock from Willowtip rec.

Check out some restock from Willowitip records, some “must have” releases! What’s your favorite?Defeated Sanity – Chapters of repugnance (Digipack Deluxe Reissue)�Defeated Sanity – Disposal of the dead // DharmataDefeated Sanity – Passages Into Deformity + DVD�Fleshgod Apocalypse – Mafia�Fleshgod Apocalypse – Oracles�Phobia – generationUlcerate – Everything Is Fire�Ulcerate – The destroyers of all#willowtiprecords#defeatedsanity#fleshgodapocalypse#phobia#ulcerateband

News in Catalog #Comatosemusic

Catalog update with some brand new COMATOSE MUSIC stuff!Shop now >>> www.lethalscissor.comSIJJEEL – Salvation Within InsanityTEXAS MURDER CREW – Wrapped in Their BloodPOSTHUMAN ABOMINATION – Mankind RecallSLOB – Deepwoods Shack of SodomySTABBING – Ravenous Psychotic Onslaught MCDINTRICATED – Apocalyptic MetamorphosisPERVERATION – Perversion in Manifest DiseaseCYSTECTOMY – Deprive to Hollowness#comatosemusic

New in stock from Morbid Generation Records!

New in stock from Morbid Generation Records! ONLINE shop >>> WACO JESUS – The Destruction Of Commercial Scum CDWACO JESUS – Receptive When Beaten CD     WACO JESUS – Sex,Drugs & Death Metal CD     TORSOFUCK – Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy+Demo CD  BODYSNATCH – Instigate Of Lunatics SLAMENTATION – Epoch Of Extraterrestrial Domination CD  VOMITOUS MASS […]

Olamot premiere at Slam Worldwide

SLAM WORLDWIDE premieres the whole mind-blowing Olamot new EP “Realms”, out on April 15th via Lethal Scissor Records and Blood Blast Distribution Premiere link: PREORDERS OPEN AT:…/preorder-olamot-realms-mcd/ Credits:All songs written by Daniele BoccaliGuitars by Daniele BoccaliSolos on Bodily Destruction & Second Death by Edoardo CasiniSolos on Disciple of Mysteries & God’s Wrath by […]

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