3 labels = 1 update catalog!

3 labels = 1 update catalog!shop now! >>> www.lethalscissor.com UNGODLY RUINS PRODUCTIONS Baalsebub – The Sickness Of The Holy Inquisition Gorged Bile – Origin Of Contempt Gurglectomy – Seas Of RottingWeakness – Demolition Voracity – Shrunken Heads Vertigo CRUD – Hymns Of Violence Lethality – Promo  Sentenced to Dissection – Between The Worlds  CorpseFlesh – Rearranged With a 12 Gauge Comatose MusicSTRAPPADO – Exigit Sincerae Devotionis AffectusPutrified J – The […]

Massive Catalog update

<—————> MASSIVE CATALOG UPDATE <——————>featuring Amputated Vein Records, UNGODLY RUINS PRODUCTIONS & Everlasting Spew Records CAMP ENMITY (Brutal Death Metal) -Vomit Forth Intestinal ExcrementGODLESS TRUTH – Arrogance Of Supreme PowerRelics of Humanity – Guided By The Soulless CallWAKING THE CADAVER – OFFICIAL – Real-Life DeathRelics of Humanity – Ominously Reigning Upon The IntangibleCerebral Secretion – Realms Of Decay Corpsedecay – Sick And Dirty Thoughts / My Own […]

New Arrivals!

NEW ARRIVALS! Depraved Murder ManifestationBody Harvest – Parasitic SlaveryEmbludgeonment – Barn BurnerMORTAL DECAY – A Gathering of Human ArtifactsPrion – Aberrant CalamityKABAL – Kabal EP shop now >>> www.lethalscissor.com <<<place an order >>> Stench Of Profit promo EP 4 free <<<

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