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*NEW* Goratory – Sour Grapes€ 8.90 *NEW* Whore Of Bethlehem – Upon Judas’ Throne€ 9.90 *NEW* Spirit Of Rebellion – Time for Global Refusal€ 7.90 *NEW* Bloodjob – Sick Concept Humanity€ 7.90 *NEW* Apocryphus – Eternal suffering€ 7.90 Humanity’s Disgrace – Echoes of Obsolescence€ 7.90 Chadhel – Controversial Echoes of Nihilism€ 7.90 *NEW* Catarsis Incarne – Abiogénesis, Libro III€ 7.90 Pyrrhon – Running […]

Catalog update!!! Pathologically Explicit Recordings

Catalog update!!! Pathologically Explicit Recordings Shop NOW!!! >>> Pulverized – Falsus In Uno, Falsus In Omnibus€ 7.90Appalling Testimony – Fed To Survive MCD€ 5.90Proseptico – La Venganza De Los Cerdos II€ 7.90Ethology – Ascension Of The Ancient Organism€ 7.90Kevlar Skin – Necroroid€ 7.90Nemesis – The Beginning Of The End MCD€ 5.90Nawabs Of Destuction – […]

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