New in stock from Morbid Generation Records!

New in stock from Morbid Generation Records!

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WACO JESUS – The Destruction Of Commercial Scum CD
WACO JESUS – Receptive When Beaten CD     
WACO JESUS – Sex,Drugs & Death Metal CD    

TORSOFUCK – Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy+Demo CD 

BODYSNATCH – Instigate Of Lunatics

SLAMENTATION – Epoch Of Extraterrestrial Domination CD 

VOMITOUS MASS – Sufferings From Defleshment CD


BRAINCASKET – Ratched Of Perdition CD 

BONG RIPS FOR JESUS – The Last Session Of The Dopified Apostles CD

CLITCOMMANDER – 10 Jahre,10 Hits CD

TRAUMATOMY – Transcendental Evisceration… Re-Press inkl. Bonussongs  

MORONIC – Reccipes For Disaster CD

TRAUMATOMY – BeneficialAmputation Of Excessive Limbs mcd

BLEEDING HEAVEN – Evolutionary Descendant Brutality CD 

SUPPURATION – The Face Rotten By Some Satanic Possession CD

MORGUE MEAT – Mutilation In The Chapel  CD

HUMAN CORDYCEPS – Eternal Ascendancy  MCD
HUMAN PREY – Return Of The True Kings MCD 

HUMAN PREY – Eradication MCD  

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