Ominous Scriptures “Incarnation Of The Unheavenly” out March 30th 2021!

Belarus brutal death metal monsters Ominous Scriptures has unveiled the artwork for their upcoming long-awaited reissue album “Incarnation of the Unheavenly” via Lethal Scissor Records, previously released in 2015.A new videoclip will be released in the next few days, stay tuned!The release will see the unholy light March 30th 2021 in strictly 4-panel digipack limited edition, standard cd versions and it will be available in all digital stores.The reissue will feature the notorious Ominous Scriptures first album in a new remastered version edited by the guitarist Sergey Liakh, a revisited cover artwork and with the addiction of the two-tracks demo 2017. The brutal death metal masterpiece of the modern era as finally the sound that it deserves!Tracklist:1. Incarnation Of The Unheavenly2. Devouring The Moans3. Amongst The Inverted Icons4. Decapitate The Praying One5. The Corpses Of Archangels in Bonfire6. Darkness7. The Fire Is The Last Who ll Read The Bible8. Centuries Of Awe9. From the Mouth of Infinity of Torments10. Light Devouring BlacknessPre-order Incarnation of the Unheavenly here:Lethal Scissor Official Store: www.lethalscissor.comCD…/ominous-scriptures…/Digipack…/ominous-scriptures…/Bandcamp: lethalscissor.bandcamp.comFacebook: Ominous Scriptures:ominousscriptures.bandcamp.comOminous

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