3rd War Collapse – Catastrophic Epicenter CD


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3rd WAR COLLAPSE is a Brazilian / Finnish violent hate-filled brutal death-grind project featuring veteran musicians of the underground scene as Cristiano Martinez (ex-Vomepotro) and Kalle Lindfors (Inferia).

The band, which also features new bassist/vocalist Juan Azevedo, have steered their music through different shades of death metal and grindcore, from the technical to the plain, groovy and ignorant. Their most blisteringly furious, ambitious, and eclectic record to date, “Catastrophic Epicenter” is a much-needed hammer to the face, a riff-driven assault which delivers ten tracks of brutal death metal mixed with elements of grindcore, thrash and old school heaviness.

The suffocating atmosphere carries through to the lyrics that detail the myriad ways that human beings waste, destroy or devalue what’s in front of them. This is a multi-layered, metallic offer proving 3rd WAR COLLAPSE’s standing in the scene!

For fans of: Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Skinless, Criminal Element


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