Catarsis Incarne – Abiogénesis, Libro III


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This band from COSTA RICA is one every self respected Death Metal followers should be investigating if you really enjoy your metal technical, very heavy, very dark and totally brutal! The power trio behind CATARSIS INCARNE is back with its third album and most definitely its most powerful and mature work to date. The heavy pounding production features a clear guitar shredding like a razor blade and backed up with the most destructive rhythm section with clear and intricate bass lines while the tsunami of drums keeps you on edge through out the whole album by its intensity and overall wickedness. Worth mentioning, Nash Blast from label mates CHEMICIDE is the skin beater and he is doing a fantastic job keeping it all tight and interesting. This is a fantastic album that absolutely needs to be heard. 

This band is a must for fans of HATE ETERNAL, old MORBID ANGEL, GORGUTS, old ULCERATE… 

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