Construct Of Lethe – Exiler



Construct Of Lethe return with their darkest album to date, putting top tier musicianship at the service of old school roots and ominous atmospheres.
Featuring members from Near Death Condition and Benighted.

Construct of Lethe is a band born of evolution.
Begun by guitarist Tony Petrocelly in 2010 to consolidate and release music written for previous bands that broke up before proper recordings could be made, it has grown into a beast of its own.
The band’s 2016 debut album “Corpsegod” is a furious assault of blasting, technical death, while their follow-up EP “The Grand Machination” traded brutality for suffocating atmosphere.
2018 will see the release of their 2nd album “Exiler”, their most dynamic and varied release to date. Rooted in solid, thought out death metal, the songwriting delves into black metal, doom, the avant garde and back without becoming a slavish regurgitation of influences, it is calculated and determined, showing a band reaching beyond tired genre cliches. Recorded at Trepan Studios, the album sounds simultaneously organic and modern, fitting the material like a glove.

For fans of Morbid Angel (F & G), Ulcerate, Immolation, Altars
released June 20, 2018

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