Iatrogenia – Compulsive Pathological Carnifexia


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Iatrogenia is a Brutal Death Metal band hailing from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico that will plunge you into a sick world of rottenness, disease, grotesque and twisted medical experimentation intended to infuse to the audience a compulsive pathological flesh ripping instinct. You should be ready for an overdose of restless skull crushing blast beats, sadistically aggressive bass sound, sanguinary guitar riffs and perverted demonic growls. Iatrogenia’s second album shows the bands evolution maintaining its traditional style that contains an intense and hateful brutal death sound with a mixture of well executed riffs, incessant drum and low guttural growls that drags you into the terrifying experience of being tortured by a highly trained medical quartet with the only objective to fulfill your desire of pain while you roam the boundaries of madness and medical sciences.

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