Indecent Excision – Deification Of The Grotesque – REISSUE Slipcase CD


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Lethal Scissor Records bring back to life this fucking violent, deep-underground slamming brutal death metal release!

This new version includes 2 demos that cannot disappoint Indecent Excision’s fans with 6 rare tracks, and a new look with a cool slipcase – limited edition 200 copies!

Originally released ten years ago “Deification Of The Grotesque” brought new lifeblood to the underground scene, with its rotten and smelly slam brutal death metal! Incredible, inhuman guttural vox, intestinal riffing and unceasing drum machine make this record a must have for all lovers of this genre …

Release Date: May 28 2020


1 The Genesis of Inhuman Brutality
2 Entwined by Vermin, Submerged by Vomit
3 Purulent Glansectomy
4 Torment Through Abnegation of Euthanasia
5 Sculpture of Severed Remnants
6 Deification of the Grotesque
7 Compulsive Consumption of Rotten Entrails
8 Decomposed Fetus Collection
9 Kaleidoscopic View of the Innards
10 Chickenfuck
From “Tortured Impaled And Dismembered”
11 Kaleidoscopic View Of The Innards
12 Tortured Impaled And Dismembered
13 ChickenFuck
From “Promo 2009”
14 Purulent Glansectomy
15 Compulsive Consumption Of Rotten Entrails
16 Sculpture Of Severed Remnants

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