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Featuring electrifying compositions, drums, and guitars from Stephen Schwegler (Pyrrhon, Weeping Sores), ferocious and dynamic vocals from Doug Moore (Pyrrhon, Weeping Sores, Glorious Depravity), subterranean and serpentining bass from Erik Malave (Pyrrhon) – along with standout guest performances from members of Artificial Brain, Replicant, and more – Phantom Indigo shows the band at the height of innovative mastery and redefining extreme music. 

For almost 50 minutes, Phantom Indigo takes the listener on a mind-bending, psychological and psychedelic thrill-ride with genre-defying jagged edges and deliberately disjointed musicality – embodying the album’s intangible namesake. Inspired by the book, Hallucinations by late neurologist, Oliver Sacks, Phantom Indigo, “is a window into the kind of “mental loops” that can occur from repeated fixation, meaningless daily routine and negative mental thought patterns, comments SEPUTUS founder, Stephen Schwegler. “The thoughts themselves are phantoms, and the spectrum of feelings are a color that cannot concisely be expressed.”

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