Olamot – Path Of Divinity CD


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This is a dark and atmospheric record with thought out structures and variations, trading the straight-forward approach of 2021’s “Realms” EP for a thicker, heavier, and more layered sound. “Path of Divinity” is a captivating blend of modern death metal and atmospheric elements filled with intricate melodies, delivering a haunting and immersive sonic experience. The unrelenting and polished aggression hangs in the balance above dark melodic passages, presenting a dynamic soundscape that serves as the band’s most devastating and focused offering to date.

For fans of: Cryptopsy, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Shadow Of Intent


01. Eternal Sorrow (Intro)
02. Everlasting Chains Of Darkness
03. Human Cloning Facilities
04. Where Chaos Reigns
05. Behold the Highest Throne
06. Adrenochrome
07. Soul Harvest
08. Luciferic Allegiance
09. All Seeing Eye

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