We are proud to welcome Technical Death Metal outfit Equivoke to our roster!

We are proud to welcome Technical Death Metal outfit Equivoke to our roster!The Russian tech band is working hard recording their second full lenght album called THE GREAT FUNERAL DEMONICAL CULT later this year. The gloomy atmosphere of Wayne Barlow’s world and classical demonology, in the death metal vein, will be integral part of the album lyrics.You can check their first single premiered by Slam WorldWide called “Asmodeus” at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xo_mj0erQz8. The track was recorded by Goya Recording Studio, mixed and mastered by TsunTsun Productions and the video editing is by Alex Starovoytov.Mastermind Michail Lukoyanov comment: “I couldn’t be more stoked to announce our second full lenght and signing with Lethal Scissor Records. Is a great honor for us to be in the same team with OMINOUS SCRIPTURES, INDECENT EXCISION, POSTHUMAN ABOMINATION and other monsters of brutal death metal. This changes the game for the band and lifts Equivoke to new heights. We’re going full speed into the year with an amazing team behind us and are pleased to show you the first single Asmodeus from The Great Funeral Demonical Cult”Further release news in the next days. In the meanwhile, check their music on their official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/equivokerussia“The great funeral demonical cult” tracklist:1. Baal2. Astaroth3. Aim4. Naberius5. Vasago6. Asmodeus7. Dantalion8. Marax9. Bathin10. Oriax11. Berith12. Uvall

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