Tweedledead – Infernotes CD

TWEEDLEDEAD is a new extreme metal entity from Italy. Intertwining elements from a vast swath of extreme music genres, from death metal, grindcore to black metal, and everything in between, the project masterfully crafts an eclectic sound that breaks down many generic barriers or borders.

‘s debut album, “Infernotes”, will be released on November 22nd 2023 via Lethal Scissor Records.


01 Remains
02 Anger Mud
03 Kingdom Collapse
04 Psychotropic Lies
05 Cain
06 Ad Extirpanda
07 Liars
08 Queen
09 Influcancer
10 Nightmares
11 Sins
12 Rostov Butcher

With a musical background dating back to the 90’s and with musical experiences in both death and black metal bands (Sepolcral, Misos), TWEEDLEDEAD is a very conceptual project and which exists within its own universe. TWEEDLEADED expresses himself in a multi-faceted manner, but above all close to his lyrical and conceptual ideas. It is a story, a vision with an analytical eye towards the current social drift and the decline of modern civilisation, which has roots in ancient times. The dynamic sound, a striking as well as glowing amalgam of everything extreme, is explored in very contrasting and distinct ways. The music is both a study of the intricacies of extreme metal as well as an exploration in how far certain typical elements can be stretched and pushed in new directions.

For fans of: Misery Index, Lock Up, Cattle Decapitation, Dyscarnate






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